Tony Morgan On Margarito's Guilt, Roach's Trash Talk And How To Defeat Pacquiao

Jorge Sevila (Miami Lakes, FL): I just read your recent article about Miguel Cotto and the opportunity of him facing Manny Pacquiao. How close to reality do look at that fight if Pacquiao is successful against Ricky Hatton in May?

Shane Mosley Comes From Retirement For Chance At Malignaggi

The lure of bigger prize money and fame aside, leads the only thing left for him to prove is a Manny Pacquiao or. Floyd Mayweather fight. But that seems in the form of remote possibility as time goes by using. At 33, he's physically sound, strong, nicely great abnormal condition. That's Timothy Bradley right there describing his next opponent. On June 9, 2012, society will witness the Manny Pacquiao compared to. Timothy Bradley bout pitting a determined fighter from Palm Spring around the best pound for pound fighter all over the world at the minute.

A state -of- the- art 50,000 seat, domed football (soccer) stadium has been completed on the Ukraine. Home of the Klitschko's boxing dynasty. This is also power of Luxurious nursery Nikolai Valuev I'm wondering if a promoter there'd put over the enormous site fee in order to either Klitschko vs. Valuev. This is to be the ideal role for Murad and Akbar Muhammad - no relation. Actually I'd pay to watch them advertise it!

Number 8. Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez didn't have chance to keep the universal number 2 P4P fighter after losing to Floyd Mayweather, Jr .. last month. Expect Juan to come back to the lightweight division where he will give us a few more great fights before hanging the gloves.

Haye along with the Klitschkos experienced bad blood between them since 2009 when Haye was originally set to take care of Wladimir. Haye wore a shirt in order to some press conference that depicted the Klitschkos with decapitated heads. This infuriated the brothers and these companies have been to be able to fight Haye since so.

The movie The Great White Hope is based on the life of African-American boxing pioneer Jack Johnson, who has been the first black man to earn a heavyweight championship position. The prejudice he battled in u . s grew worse and being a result he ended up living in Europe as well as in other features of the world in order to continue his boxing career. He boxed with great speed and cleverness as well as his confidence looked like that of Muhammad Ali.

Pacquiao is not perfect, but he's a great man. I have come across with my own personal eyes a little of the things that Manny does for citizens. He does not deserve for taken regarding like he has been by some within the leeches that surround this guy.

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